October 2022 Minecraft Updates

In October of 2022, new mods and updates for Minecraft were released, and in this video, you get to see the top ten mods in this round of Minecraft upgrades. Let’s jump right in!

1. Better animations make many of the creatures in the game seem more realistic and move with better accuracy.

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2. Water-based effects now give waterfalls and splashing an audible sound with new cool visual effects when jumping into the water.

3. Fantasy furniture has been added to the game that fits the Minecraft theme, so check out all the new pieces added!

4. A flex FOV allows you to set your FOV to anything you want up to 360 degrees, so you can see all around yourself.

5. A Burn in the sun mod allows you to choose what burns when exposed to daylight.

6. Mythic upgrades have been added so you can continue to upgrade your armor, tools, and weapons.

7. The nameless trinkets mod adds new items for you to discover in your world with specific uses.

8. Mariam’s souls-born weaponry is recommended to be used with better combat and adds new weapons and creatures to the game.

9. The small ships mod added new boats to the game with a lot more variety included.

10. The last mod is the twilight forest which gets updated with each new game upgrade, and you can explore different biomes within.

Check out the video for a more in-depth description of these Minecraft updates!


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