How Does Edge Computing Work?

Edge computing is computing that takes place on the outskirts of a corporate network. This includes all end devices that access the networks such as laptops, phones, robots, and other technologies. The edge used to be a place where these devices were connected to send and receive data to each other and the data center itself.

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No with the Internet of Things(IoT), the edge model has shortcomings since these devices require larger volumes than the old devices.

Much faster connections are needed now. With processing power linked to the end devices, the latency is less so the round trip time is reduced which can not only be convenient but depending on the system, save lives. There will always be a need for data centers for edge devices to perform a preliminary analysis of data and then send this to long-term storage.

Faster response times for applications that require it, as well as slowing the growth of long-haul connections are both positives of edge computing. Security, however, is a risk when dealing with edge devices. As this becomes a more common method of data collection, it is important to make sure a single edge computing device is not where a network failure can occur. To learn more about edge computing, watch the video!


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