Frequent Issues Found With Higher Education Enrollment Software

When dealing with higher education enrollment software, you may come across common technological and other types of issues as you would with any computer system. This video breaks down those that have occurred the most frequently, and how to solve these problems.

Recruitment and admission teams using multiple systems can cause a lot of confusion across the applying student body as they try to enroll in college as well as the administrative staff. The data then has to be fused together from multiple systems, so consolidating these recruitment and admissions activities would be the solution.

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Another problem comes from too many calls from applicants wondering what they might be missing, or what further steps to take. Checklist widgets and frequent status communications from the same source will dissolve this confusion. Additionally, if your current software can’t handle the enrollment requirements as they change to adapt to the world around us, operational teams should always have IT support to be able to constantly change to the industry demands.

If your current CRM lacks training resources and is seeing the impact of staff turnover, then the simple fact is you need a better higher education enrollment software that explains how you should conduct this process as a best practice. To learn more about CRM and how this education software works, watch the video in its entirety.


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