Creating Custom Electronic Enclosures

With the advancements in technology and the ability to produce products in the past few years, it has become easier than ever to get the parts that best suit the needs of the task at hand. Custom electronic enclosures are one product that can come in a variety of different styles, each of which is designed to suit a specific application. Understanding their creation can allow you to discover which custom electronic enclosure is right for your needs.

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Electric enclosures are typically made up of two extrusions or side rails, along with metal panels on the top, bottom, front, and rear sides of the piece. The extrusions are useful in the creation of PCB enclosures because of their mounting capabilities of the groves.

Custom enclosures allow the creator to make the pieces more versatile and sturdy. The main changes to them are the front and the back plates, which can gain added features such as pockets and groves. The aspects of the piece, such as the size and shape, can be altered as well as to best fit into the space available for the piece.

For additional information about the creation of custom electronic enclosures, please review the attached video.


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