Understanding Direct Cloud Connectivity

When choosing how to save files and important information, there are a variety of different methods that each comes with its own pros and cons. One such method is establishing direct cloud connectivity, allowing all files and data to be saved in the cloud to be recovered in case of any damage occurs to the initial hard drive. Understanding the process can allow you to determine if it is the right method of saving files for you.

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The first step is ensuring that all the equipment being used supports 802.1Q encapsulation. Direct connect only supports 802.1Q, so any other type of equipment will not yield the desired results.

Next is choosing the form in which you would like the connection to take. The first choice is a dedicated connection co-located at a direct connection location. This can be done by talking with direct connect partners near you and seeing which one best fits you and your needs. Next is contracting with a direct connect partner. This entails getting the proper equipment from the direct connect partner and connecting it to your devices. The last is connecting with a direct connect node.

For additional information on direct cloud connectivity, please review the attached video.


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