Understanding Industrial Water Treatment Systems

With the ever-growing populations in most major cities, the need for clean drinking water has never been more prevalent. Having access to clean drinking water has a significant impact on people’s health, as well as their ability to survive. This is why most major areas have developed industrial water treatment systems to filter dirty water in order to clean it before rerouting it to the general public. Understanding the process of industrial water treatment systems highlights their importance in our society.

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The early stages of the treatment are known as the pretreatment phase. The first step in the pretreatment phase is the water flowing through bar screens. These screens are in place to catch large debris, rubbish, and waste and prevent it from continuing to flow with the rest of the water.

The next phase of the pretreatment is the grit chamber. Grit chambers are in place to help filter out rocks and dirt. These can not be removed with the help of chemicals, so catching them early in the process is imperative to the success of the pretreatment. this is done by adjusting the velocity of the water to allow the dirt and rocks to flow toward the bottom.

For additional information on industrial water treatment systems, please review the attached video.


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