An Explanation of the CE525 Electrical System

The Cessna CitationJet CE525, electric system is a generator system built around a short-term type-rated aircraft electrical system. The CitationJet electrical generators create 300 amps, and the aircraft has additional external pickups for external power. This video is one of several Cessna Citation trainings.

Each generator can create 300 amps in flight indefinitely. On the ground, they run for 15 minutes due to cooling limitations due to a lack of ram air for cooling.

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The plane supports a standard 29 volts DC external power hookup, which can also be used to start the engines and begin supplying gas to the generators.

The CitationJet’s DC power system relies on a system of busses and circuit breakers to supply power while the plane is on the ground and in flight, using a 24-volt battery as an intermediary.

Remember that the CitationJet’s battery bus disconnect switch will eventually drain the battery if it’s left in the open position, so also remember to close the circuit if the plane is to be left for a while.

The Cessna CitationJet/M2 is one of the most exciting light business jets in the world today. Treating its power system with respect will help it fly smoothly for decades.


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